At PC Fix we specialize in computer repairs, from virus, spyware, malware, pop-up & spam removal to speeding up slow computers. All of our work is tested and customer satisfaction is a must. We Sell New systems, Laptops and peripherals. We also specialize in networking, urgent business and house calls around the mornington peninsula.For a more in-depth Look at our services please see our services page or if you have any questions please contact us!


PC Fix has been servicing the mornington peninsula since 1980, we have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and getting the job done properly. Our services include:

New Systems
We offer a range of new systems, We build our own desktops, sell laptops & servers also heaps of peripherals. Come to our store to discuss which computer will best suit your needs.
Computer Repairs
At PC Fix we can troubleshoot any problems your computer might have, whether it's faulty hardware or a virus stopping you using your computer effectively - we can fix it. We also offer computer tune-ups where we give your computer a good once-over to make sure everything is running perfect.
Laptop Repairs
Just because it's a laptop doesn't mean we can't fix it! If your laptop isn't running as fast as you'd like - bring your laptop in and have a look at having it tuned up. Any other laptop specific problems are no exception, power not working? Dropped it, and now it wont turn on? Bring it in, so we can fix it.
Printer Repairs
We can service printers! if your printer is not working 100% give us a call up to see what we can do for you.
Most computers can be upgraded to perform better. We also offer upgrades to laptops, so if your laptop is getting a bit slow bring it in so we can tune it up!
Network Installs
We offer network installation and maintenance for your home or business. Our networking service also covers VPN setups so you can access computers from ANY location that has an internet connection. If you have any questions relating to our networking services please don't hesitate to contact us.
Feel like your spending way to much time waiting for your IT equipment to do the simplest of tasks? Why not call in the experts at Pc Fix to fine tune your IT setup. Start improving efficiency and maximizing profits today!
Web Hosting
Our Hosting services include E-Mail hosting and Web hosting, at an affordable price. Contact us now and ask about our hosting services.
File Recovery
Our file recovery service covers Laptops, Desktops, Digital cameras and usb sticks.