Comprehensive Services for Residential and Small Business Customers

Weather your a home user or small business we can cater to your computing needs,we have been servicing the Mornington Peninsula and South East Suburbs for nearly four decades.

Our Services

Data Backup & Recovery

What do you mean “NO BACKUP” This is one of the most common expressions we hear, don’t worry in most cases we can recover deleted files and if the Hard drive is physically damaged we know where to send it …..

We have the capability to do 1st and 2nd level data recovery, in most cases the data is retreivable however there are no guarantees. We can send the damged to the recovery experts in Melbourne who will give you quote on the recovery process. 

Mac/PC Repair & Installation

I spilt Red Wine over my Laptop’s keyboard!!! This is a common occurrence but don’t despair in most cases the keyboard can be replaced.

We can repair or replace most components in both PC’s and Mac’s, firstly we assess the damage and give you a quote on how much it will cost the fix the problem, in some cases it better to purchase a new computer but we can discuss this at the time. This is a free service.

Networking Services

Internet not work properly or just not connecting at all. That office network printer keeps dropping out

These are common problems and 

WEB Design and Setup

WEB Site looking old and tired or just not performing properly, maybe the content is way out of date and it needs to be updated.

Start from scratch with a new design or just refresh an existing site we can do that for you we can also check your domain name registration (or organise one for you) also hosting, email etc. If your looking for an ecommerce site we can do that as well, start selling online.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Hardware and software getting a bit out of date and cannot do all of the functions they used to, it might be time for some upgrades.

Time catches up with us all and as the ever changing world of technology continues to role on our existing hardware and software will need to be upgraded to keep up with the demand. 

Virus & Spyware Removal

The dreaded Spyware / Virus, unfortunately this is just the world we live in and Spyware is the norm.

There are lots of different products around that claim they can stop and get rid of Spyware and Virus’s but this is not the case if it was we aould all be using it and Spyware would be a thing of the past. We use  a number of tools and our expertise to check your system and get it running back to it best potential, however there is always the threat of Spyware and Virus’s on the internet. Today the biggest threat is HACKING don’t let anyone access your computer remotely usless you know them. 

Upgrade / Secondhand

Happy with your existing system but it just needs a bit og TLC and a rev up, we can look at upgrading the hardware to something a bit more suitable.

Increasing RAM or the replacing a Hard Drive that is full is very common and will give your computer a boost, this is a cost effective way of improving the performance of your existing computer. Depending on availability we may have a suitable secondhand replacement for your existing machine.

Our Rates

Workshop or

Remote Support
$ 75
  • Per Hour

In-Home Or

Business Support
$ 95
  • Per Hour

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